Who said UFO’s

don’t Exist?

Jennifer W. Stein, at National Museum of the United States  Air Force near Dayton Ohio, August 2012, in front of a 1950 Canadian built Avrocar. This experimental air craft was built by A. V. Roe using special exhaust turbojet engines to create downward thrust enabling the vehicle to float on a cushion of air, or accelerate at high speed and gain altitude. The project was scraped in 1952. Imagine what their building today!

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FREE monthly lectures, programs, and films sponsored by MUFON New Jersey at

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For those who would like to visit a very unique and historic site known for arguably for the creation of the modern "Space Age" as well as being a central component in a well documented (historically speaking) UFO sighting.  (see the attached link below, I'm sure you will find it of interest).

I thought that I would pass this archived article along to you for your consideration:


The article is about the 1951 UFO sighting (radar and visual) that had taken place along the Jersey shore that year.  The site is commonly known as the Camp Evans site, physically located in Wall Township NJ and formerly a part of Fort Monmouth.  This location is also where the first Moon Bounce had taken place on January 10th, 1946 as well as the radar lab and training site of the US Army.

If you would like to explore this formerly Top Secret site and perhaps even bounce your voice off of the moon, come and visit the Info Age Space and Exploration Center (ISEC) on a Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday afternoons.  I am a volunteer Radio Telescope operator at this site every Sunday afternoon, so if the moon is in our view at that time, you can visit this living museum and perhaps bounce your voice off of the moon using our 60' (18 meter) TLM-18 radio telescope.  You won't regret the demonstration, tour and history.

Past conference organized by Joe Foster:

Saturday October 30th 2021, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Monmouth County UAP Conference - Located at Evans US Army Camp

Live and in person event - Special One day UAP Conference

Info-Age - Camp Evans Historic District

               Info-Age Science and History Center

               2201 Marconi Road

               Wall, New Jersey, 07717


Sponsored by MUFON New Jersey & The US Air Force Association

(General Castle Chapter) 

For more details: Contact  Joseph Foster

email: Joseph.Foster@MillenniumOSS.com

Cell: 908-433-2243

Tickets $38.00 in advance HERE or

at the door $38.00 dollars for the day

For More Information:

visit: https://www.millenniumoss.com/mufonnjuapconference.html

Speakers Line up

Major George Filer - USAF - Retired

Jennifer W Stein - The UAP Phenomena  - Then and Now, Whats changed?

Bruce Pearson - Alaska's Denali - Dark Pyramid

Joe Foster  "One man's life and his UAP related experiences".

Frank Chille “Breakthroughs in Faster Than Light-Thought Propulsion”

Col. Joe Abege USAF Retired

Panel discussion - Closes the day with Q and A

Here are the 6 links for the 10/30/2021 Monmouth MUFON UAP Conference held at the InfoAge, Camp Evans (Project Diana) site:


Bruce Pearson:



Jennifer Stein:



Maj George A. Filer:



Frank Chille:



Joe Abegg:



Closing Panel Discussion (All participants)



Recommended - Bring your own Lunch, no food services are on site.

Lunch Options and Hotels Located Near The Venue:

Monmouth County UAP Confeence - Saturday, October30th, 2021

Located at the historic US Army, Camp Evans

Lunch Options and Hotels Located Near The Venue:


1)  Mayfair Hotel - $90.00 per night                          

      1000 Ocean Ave.                                                         

      Belmar, NJ 07719    P:  (732)-681-2620                

      Web:  http://MayfairHotelBelmar.com


2)  Sea Girt Lodge - $122.00 per night                                                           

      2168 Hwy 35                                                               

      Sea Girt, NJ 08750   P:  (732)-974-2323                   

      Web:  http://SeaGirtLodge.com


3)  Hewlet Wellington Hotel - $159.00 per night        

      200 Monmouth Ave.                                                       

      Spring Lake, NJ 07762  P: (732)-974-1212

      Web:  http://thehewittwellington.com


 Meals:  Offsite Ordering - Self Directed:

1)  Federico's Pizza & Restaurant

      700 Main St. Belmar, NJ

      P:  (732)-681-7066

2)  Mike's Sandwich Shop                              

      700 8th Ave., Belmar, NJ

      P:  (732)-681-7980

 3)  Barrio Costero (Mexican - Vegan Friendly)

       610 Bangs Ave., Asbury Park, NJ

       P:  (732)-455-5544

4)  Hooked Cafe (Sea Food)

      832 Belmar Plaza Train Station

       P:  (732)-280-0333

Sponsored by MUFON, Inc. & The US Air Force Association (General Castle Chapter)

Find additional info at:   https://www.MillenniumOSS.com

Contact:  Joseph Foster (Joseph.Foster@MillenniumOSS.com)

Find additional info at:   https://www.MillenniumOSS.com

Contact:  Joseph Foster (Joseph.Foster@MillenniumOSS.com)

MUFON, Inc. & U.S. Air Force Association are both 501c3 corporations

Tour of the any of the 4 famous Bell Labs Museums, the Project Diana site or the former TLM-18 Radio Telescope is possible during the day. For more details: Contact  Joseph Foster     email: Joseph.Foster@MillenniumOSS.com    Cell: 908-433-2243

Tickets available at the door too!

Background about the conference!

Join us at the site of the birth place of the modern Space Age whose genesis was Project diana (bouncing the first radar signal off of the moon)!  Learn about the labs and workshops and the critical work integral to the success not only of the Manhattan Project but also our massive effort of going into space.  Other firsts included; the development of the first Radiosonde weather and acoustic balloons, SCORE and other early satellites, their tracking stations and many other space firsts that eventually got us to the moon.  You will see for yourself the wonders of those events and beyond and the many famous people who participated here at Camp Evans!  Be prepared to send your voice on its own journey to the moon and back in 2.5 seconds just as it was done on January 10th, 1946 then marvel at the other wonders of Radar and how that has impacted man's interaction over the years even in relationship to the UAP mystery!  Fort Monmouth, Camp Evans, Monmouth County (Bell Labs) and the rest of NJ is the best kept secret around and now you, can discover for yourselves the wonders in store!

Speakers background and lecture details

9:15 AM   Maj. George Filer USAF Retired, George Filer saw his first UFO in 1962 when he was flying a tanker plane for the Air Force to refuel fighters over England. The control tower sent his plane to investigate a UFO on the radar, near Stonehenge. His plane dove from 33,000 feet to 1,000 feet to find it. His second encounter came a few years ago, from the bedroom of his Medford Lakes home, which faces Briarwood Lake. “I woke at 4 am”, he said, “The bedroom was filled with light pouring in from the window.  I saw a UFO surfacing. It looked like a submarine coming out of the water, a blue ionization.” Filer spent 20 years in the Air Force, logging over 5,000 hours in the air.  For most of his career he was an intelligence officer. He briefed generals in Vietnam after receiving UFO reports over the DMZ. [demilitarized zone].  Since he retired, Filer has become East Coast director of the Mutual UFO Network, the nation’s largest UFO organization. From his home office he edits a weekly internet newsletter called Filer’s Files. ufofiler.com

10:45 AM Jennifer Stein   UAP Phenomena -Then and Now- What’s Changed? Jennifer Stein is best known for her award winning 90-minute documentary film about the famous 1975 Travis Walton story. She has been an activist in the UFO community for about 20 years, as a coordinator and founding member of Main Line MUFON., a community educational service of the Mutual UFO Network in Pennsylvania. Jennifer serves as a State Section Director for the Mutual UFO Network IN PA. She has published articles in periodicals about the UFO phenomena, precognition, synchronicity and the Crop Circle phenomena, as well as articles about the Travis Walton Film.  She has spoken around the world at numerous conferences on UFOs, crop circles, the Travis Walton story, as well as Ancient artifacts and Ancient architecture that appear advanced for their time.   As a young adult she developed her entrepreneurial skills working in a family-owned business while earning a Batcher of Science in Textiles from the University of AZ in 1983.  She is married to her life partner of 40 years and has two adult children in the Philadelphia area of Pennsylvania. A longer bio on Jen Stein can be found HERE

1:00 Pm Col. Joseph Abegg

Joe Abegg joined CAP as a cadet in Illinois Wing in 1973. By 1977 he had earned the Spaatz Award, Ranger Expert, the Blue Beret (original school), CAP pilot's wings, an Air Force Academy nomination and an Air Force ROTC scholarship. By 1981 he was an Aerospace Engineer, an Air Force Pilot and a CAP Squadron Commander. His military career spanned 26 years as an officer where he served in numerous flying, command and control, and leadership assignments to include his last assignment as the CAP-USAF Northeast Liaison Region Director of Reserve Forces and twice chair of the National Reserve Forces Working Group. His CAP career continued when he transferred to the New Jersey Wing in 1981. There he served as Wing Director of Cadet Programs, Squadron Commander again, Chief Check Pilot, Chief of Stan/Eval, Chair of the Flight Evaluation Board, CAC Advisor, as lead pilot for the winning team at the 1986 CAP National SAR Competition and as a Group Commander. From 2005 through 2009 he served at CAP National Headquarters as the National Director of Emergency Services and led 26 national projects, chaired the National Emergency Services Committee and was a member of the National Operations Committee, the National Home Land Security Committee, and the National Coast Guard Subcommittee. From 2009 through 2010 he served as the Northeast Region Director of Operations and the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations. During his spare time he has been on staff at 24 Cadet Encampments, 21 Region Staff Colleges and five National Cadet Special Activities. He is a graduate of the Air War College, the Inland SAR School, the CAP IG School, the CAP C4 School and the CAP PAO Academy. In 1987 he started his civilian career as a pilot for Pan Am. After the demise of Pan Am he was hired at United Airlines. While at United he has served as a Line Check Airman and Captain on Boeing 757s/767s, and he is currently a Captain flying Airbus 319s/320s with over 23,000 flying hours.

2:45 PM Frank Chille will present a discussion and power-point presentation featuring - Breakthroughs in Faster Than Light-Thought Propulsion and a Review of Vol. II Selected By Extraterrestrials the further revelations by Williams Tompkins as published by Dr. Robert Wood. He has met little known contactees and learned about their extraordinary experiences - one from 1920 here on the East Coast and several others from Southern California.  Frank also had experiences at George Van Tassel's Integration located in Landers CA - in the high desert area - above Palm Springs.  Frank Chille has been a self-proclaimed seeker of Arcane Knowledge for the past 45 years.  He is a student of metaphysics, ancient civilizations, comparative religions, and has detailed knowledge of mostly unknown contactee experiences from individuals he has met along his life path. He has had firsthand exposure to advanced technology products, has traveled extensively throughout the US and has lived abroad. Frank has spoken publicly and conducted seminars on diverse subjects on both coasts, as well as for the military on subjects including energy studies and lighting effects on health.  He has done many radio programs as well as had some TV experience.  Additionally, he has trained individuals as well as marketing teams around the country and has conducted forensic corporate accounting for a Fortune 100 firm in three states.


4:14 PM Joe Foster -"One man's life and his UAP related experiences". Joseph spent the first of his formative years growing up in East Hampton, LI, NY before moving to a farm in New Jersey.  He enlisted in the US Coast Guard in 1969 serving thru 1973.  During this time, he encountered several UFO related events he considered transformational. While in the U.S. Coast Guard he was trained as a Navigator and Signalman (Quartermaster) performing those duties on board a high endurance, Coast Guard cutter, the USCGC Mellon.  He served both on Ocean Station patrols (Victor) as well as well as having deployed to the Republic of Vietnam as part of Operation Market Time. Joseph’s background includes; Project/Program management, IT, Science & Technology, and Communications.  He also worked for the FBI in Tech Services, managed a data center for Merrill Lynch.  During the time he spent with Merrill Lynch as an AVP (Assistant Vice President), historically, his operation cleared the first government security on behalf of the parent company, ML&Co with the Federal Reserve Bank of NY.  His FedWire Data Center cleared $billions in Government Securities and funds transfers on a daily basis. Joe also provided leadership and program direction in the development of new technologies for the Department of Defense and the aerospace industry.  Among these new technologies included; an automated gun sight with heads up display, an advanced waste to energy system and the promotion of an innovative data storage technology using a crystal as a high capacity storage medium. Joseph’s presentation will focus primarily on his experiences while in the Coast Guard and information related to the military and UFOs.  He will speak specifically of events having taken place at sea dovetailing with interesting information that surfaced, quite by accident during a conversation with a person whom he considered “In the know” about UFO related “events”.  He discusses these items from firsthand experience including the anecdotal information subsequently acquired.  These events are just a part of other incidents having taken place throughout his life, the first at the age three.  Other non-military related events to be discussed at a later date.  His experiences represent a personal journey and his effort of trying to understand them.  This is what inspired this lecture, created specifically for Main Line MUFON.   Joseph believes our lives are connected to the unknown with a “silver” thread and if we accept that which is offered, there is an opportunity to attain valuable insights into not only ourselves but also the universe in which we live.  Joe considers some of his experiences awe inspiring, some perhaps frightening.  For those who hear this presentation about his journey, each may come away with information to contemplate and perhaps even the opportunity finds something that speaks to their own condition. Nike Missile Explosion - Joseph Foster for more information



Video Link for a message from Jennifer Stein